Author: Suzanne Jenkins

Knowledgeable Bodies: Basque Traditional Dance and Nationalism

Imagine you are vacationing on the beach in Spain. What if you step out of your hotel on the first morning and see masses of people swarming toward you, brandishing flags and shouting in a language you don’t understand, as masked policemen clad in black and red jump suits and big black boots encourage orderl? Down at the plaza, silent attention to speeches alternates with loud chanting. Fists jut into the air, unmoving. …

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Bilingual: Angeles D1

English + EspañolThe dance company Angeles D1 is a space where artists of diverse origins and trajectories come together, from 8-year-old children who travel nearly two hours every day to reach the school to professional dancers from the USA and Finland. All of them feel a strong drive to express themselves through stage arts such as break dance, hip-hop, acrobatics, jazz, juggling, and other disciplines. Perhaps the most…

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