Architecture (Spring | Summer 2010)


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Table of Contents


Havana Modern by Leland Cott

A Tale of Three Buildings by Bruno Carvalho

Brasilia by Farès al-Dahdah

An Audience with Oscar Niemeyer by James Brown

Productive Workers for the Nation by Ricardo López-Pedreros

Working in the Antipodes by Alejandro Aravena

Designing Urban Opportunities by Flavio Janches

Housing, Urban Design and Citizenship by José de Filippi

Photoessay: Mexico City, Again by Rosario Inés Granados Salinas

Quality Design Matters by Oscar Grauer

On Haiti by Oscar Grauer

Viewing Rogelio Salmona by June Carolyn Erlick

Chaitén After the Volcano by Pablo Allard

Parks Shaping Society by Anita Berrizbeitia

Autonomy Revisited by Eduardo Berlin Razmilic

Extreme Architecture by Hernán Marchant

The (Not Yet) Dialogue Project by Sergio Alejandro Araya

Photo Reflection: Modernity in Peru by Marco Simola

Puerto Rican Architects in New York by Antoni Bernat

The Argentinean New Wave by Maria Guest

Summer Camp in Las Terrenas by Gabriela Farrell

Insect Lessons by Brian Farrell

Social Policy and Anti-Poverty Strategies A Review by Martina G. Viarengo

The Fight for Mexico A Review by Monica Campbell

All About Almodóvar A Review by Chris Vognar

Lessons from Lizards A Review by Javier Rodríguez-Robles