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Student Views is ReVista's new blog about Harvard student travel and research in Latin America!


Student Views help showcase the cultural and academic experiences of students who have spent time in Latin America or have engaged with Latin American communities in the U.S. Entries can take a variety of forms, from narrative stories of personal adventure to academic descriptions of research findings, and everything in between! 


Student views published in the last five weeks can be found on this page. For older student views, visit out Student View Archive.


Dear Students,



Greetings from Somerville! Most all of you have returned home now and I hope you and  your families are healthy and well (and not too bored)!

We hope you will help ReVista keep the Student Views section going in this time of crisis to help share our experiences, academic and otherwise. We plan to publish one view a week, but we can only do that with your help.

We are looking for three types of articles:

  1. If you returned to a Latin American country or a Latinx neighborhood in the United States, tell us how your community or country is handling the coronacrisis. Are restaurants and bars closed? What do the streets look like? Has a national emergency been declared? If people depended on libraries and schools for Internet access, what are they doing to get connected? Have you seen an extraordinary act of kindness or an unusual way of coping with the situation? Photos are welcome, if they are possible.
  2. Tell us about your academic research, your work on your thesis or a special project in language that people who are not in your field will understand. Anecdotes are encouraged. How did you get interested in the topic? What do you want to learn going forward? Photos welcome
  3. Usually, we encourage travel and study abroad articles. Under the present circumstances, it’s not possible to write about current adventures. But many of you were too busy to write about January semester. Help us travel virtually by giving us a glimpse into your recent experiences.



If you are interesting in submitting an entry, email!


heredia headshotMiriam Heredia is a lawyer that has been working for human rights effectiveness in Mexico, a Mason Fellow, and a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School. She previously worked at the Attorney General of Mexico as Deputy Director General addressing human rights violation cases before international bodies and the Inter American Court of Human Rights. Read her student view here.




getter 2Kayla Getter is a third-year A.B. Candidate in Social Studies at Harvard College, writing her thesis on how the 1994 Rwandan Genocide is taught in Rwandan secondary schools in a post-conflict and authoritarian regime. She has a passion for traveling, cycling and trying new foods! Read her student view here.




r-a headshotCamila Rice-Aguilar is a junior at Brown University studying International Relations, with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Growing up as a Nicaraguan-American, she has developed a particular interest in migration, international human rights, and social resistance movements. She is currently exploring these areas of study in Santiago, Chile. Read her student view here.




Fiovanti headshotReinaldo Fioravanti is a Mason Fellow, Mid-Career/MPA Student at the Harvard Kennedy School. He currently serves a Lead Specialist at the Inter-American Developing Bank based in Washington, DC where he lead the structuring of large infrastructure projects in Latin America Region. He holds a Master of Engineering from The MIT/Zaragoza Logistics Center and a Phd from The State University of Campinas, Brazil. Read his student view here.



fried headshotLucas Fried is a rising senior studying Public Policy and Economics at Brown University. His primary interest is in housing and education systems, which has led him to work with teachers in northern Peru and study in Cuba at the University of Havana. He wrote this article for Stephen Kinzer’s “International Journalism: Foreign Reporting in Practice” course at Brown. Read his student view here.




nutting headshotVerónica Isabella Nutting is a junior at Harvard College studying Computer Science with a secondary in Government from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Wheeling, West Virginia. Read her student view here.