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Student Views is ReVista's new blog about Harvard student travel and research in Latin America!


Student Views help showcase the cultural and academic experiences of students who have spent time in Latin America or have engaged with Latin American communities in the U.S. Entries can take a variety of forms, from narrative stories of personal adventure to academic descriptions of research findings, and everything in between! 


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Carolina San Miguel holds a Doctor of Design (DDes, 2019) from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She is a community researcher and innovation strategist whose work is targeted at designing human-friendly ecosystems to support children and families in neighborhoods across the Americas. Read her student view here.






Jared Abbott is Ph.D. Candidate in Government at Harvard. He studies the causes and effects of different forms of citizen participation, primarily in Latin America. Read his Student View here.






pdfDenisse Delgado Vázquez is a Ph.D. student in Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Delgado has had numerous visiting scholarships, fellowships and academic residencies, including Harvard University at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (2013) and at the African and African American Studies Department (2016-2017), University of Massachusetts-Boston at the Mauricio Gaston Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy (2017-2018), and the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University (2019). Read her Student View here.




Fernando Bizzarro is a Ph.D. Candidate in Harvard’s Government Department and a Graduate Student Associate at  DRCLAS. He studies the nature, causes, and consequences of political parties in democracy globally, and in his home country, Brazil. Twitter: @fbizzarroneto. Read his Student View here.







Jimmy J. De La Cruz Castro is an ALB candidate in government at the Harvard Extension School. He is the Harvard chapter president of Turning Point USA, a student organization that promotes freedom. Outside of his academic life, he volunteers at a local school in Cambridge tutoring kids in reading and writing. Read his Student View here. 




Andrea Bossi studies Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology with a secondary in African American Studies at Harvard College in the class of 2021. Her heritage is partly Argentine, and among many other things, she is interested in broader Latin American culture, history and conflicts. Read her Student View here.






Natalie Amador Solis is a Master’s candidate at Harvard Divinity School concentrating in Latinx and Latin American Art and Religion. She received a DRCLAS Summer Research Travel Grant to conduct research on contemporary art in Mexico for her master’s thesis on the artistic interconnections between Mexico City and Los Angeles, focusing on the artwork created by Mexican and Chicanx artists. After Harvard, Natalie will continue her research on Chicanx and Mexican art in an interdisciplinary doctoral program. Read her Student View here.





José Antonio Murillo studies Economics and Computer Science at Harvard College, ’22. He grew-up in Mexico City, where he dedicated most of his extra-curricular time to competitive debating. The link to his TEDx Talk can be found at Read his Student View here. 







Arthur Schott Lopes AB ’19 concentrated in History with a secondary in the Classics and a language citation in German. A native Brazilian, Arthur is starting a Ph.D. in Latin American history at the University of Chicago in October. His senior thesis at Harvard, A Scientific Myth: Gilberto Freyre’s Casa-Grande & Senzala and Luso-Brazilian Nationalism, 1902-1933, was the recipient of the 2019 Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis Prize in Brazilian Studies. Read his Student View here.





Daniel Alejandro Martínez is a sonsoneño trained at Harvard in Social Sciences and Philosophy. Fellow of the Gates Millennium Scholarship and Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Fellowship. He is currently traveling the Brazilian Amazon working with social projects on education, health, and environmental conservation. You can accompany his trip on the blog: Read his student view here. (Spanish version here).




Isabelle DeSisto, Harvard College Class of 2020, studied abroad in Havana for the Fall 2018 semester through the CASA Cuba program. She writes about her experience stranded on Cuba's Isla de la Juventud during a hurricane. Read her Student View on that experience here. DeSisto is pursuing a joint AB/AM degrees in Government and Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This summer 2019, she spent one month in Moscow and two months in Havana conducting research for her senior thesis on Soviet-Cuban educational exchange programs during the Cold War. Read her Student View on that experience here. 




Isa Lapuerta graduated from Harvard in 2019 with a BA in Music and Anthropology and a specific focus on Latin America. Her senior thesis, “‘Cantar Mis Versos del Alma’: How Musicians Navigate Identity, Commodification, and Personhood in Cuba’s Tourism Industry”, explored how Cuban identity is represented and modified through music in cultural tourism. In her free time, Isa loves to sing, spend time with her wonderful family, and eat hot cheetos. Read her Student View here.



asdJavier Suárez Trejo studied Hispanic American Literature and Philosophy in Peru. He holds a Ph.D. in Italian and Hispanic American Languages and Literature from Harvard University. He has received the National Youth Award from the Ministry of Education of Peru for the project Poetic Pedagogies. Currently, he is Professor of Cultural Industries at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. His email: Read his Student View here (Spanish version here). 




Rhea Bennett, Kirkland House class of 2020, is concentrating in Archaeology and getting a secondary degree in biology. She loves traveling to the field and spent the summer of 2018 at an archaeological dig in Acre, Brazil, and the summer of 2019 on the North Coast of Peru. Her love of fashion has led her to be a costume designer with the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatics Club and to do her Honors Thesis research on the body ornamentation of the elite pre-historic women of the Moche, Lambayeque and Chimu cultures. Read her Student View here. 





Claudia Torres obtained her law degree in Mexico City, where she is originally from. She is a Harvard SJD student committed to improve the living conditions of sex workers and change the way law is taught in Mexico. She has worked at the Mexican Supreme Court and CIDE. Read her student view here. (Spanish version here).





Sadie L. Weber is a Ph.D. candidate in the Harvard Department of Anthropology and has worked in Peru since 2009. She is interested in traditional foodways and environmental archaeology. Sadie can be reached at Read her student view here. (Spanish version here)






Charlotte Davis 

Charlotte Hilbrich Davis is a 2019 graduate of Harvard College, where she studied History & Literature, focusing on Latinx Studies. Although Charlotte grew up in Kansas, she is eagerly awaiting her big move to Austin, Texas, where she will soon begin working as a criminal investigator supporting individuals on the state’s death row. Read her Student View here.






Bruno de Medeiros is a 2018 Ph.D. graduate from Harvard University. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard and uses insects and plants to study why we have so many species on Earth. His current contact information is available at Read his Student View here. 




jkCarla Troconis graduated with a BA in Government from Harvard in 2019 and wrote her senior thesis on the participatory patterns of the Venezuelan diaspora in South Florida. She is a proud Venezuelan immigrant who hopes to use her varied skills and background to bring awareness to the horror back home and tell stories of the Venezuelan diaspora in all its complexity. Currently, Carla is working as a writer and filmmaker and is releasing her first documentary, DIASPORA, in Fall of 2019. Read her Student View here.






Jose A. De Leon is a Ph.D. candidate in Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard and has been a Real Colegio Complutense Fellow since 2017. He writes about the late 1960s in Cuba and its importance for contemporary political and aesthetic theory. He can be reached at Read his Student View here. 






Danny Haelewaters, a 2018 PhD graduate from Harvard University, is currently associated with Purdue University and the University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic). His Twitter handle is is @dhaelewa. Read his Student View here.








Sofia Prado-Irwin is currently a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Organismal and Evolutionary Biology department and a resident tutor in Currier House. She is interested in the evolution, ecology, and natural history of reptiles and amphibians. When she's not in the field or in the office, she enjoys chasing insects through the woods, watching Jeopardy, listening to podcasts, and baking. Read her Student View here.




Maria Atuesta



Maria Atuesta is a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning at Harvard University. She was the 2018-2019 Jennings Randolph-Minerva Peace Scholar. She can be reached at Read her Student View here.








Michaela Nesson, Harvard College Class of 2019, spent a month in Argentina as part of a multi-country study abroad program during the Spring 2018 semester. She writes about her experience living in a rural community in northern Argentina. Read her Student View here









Marianne Lahaie Luna is a Canadian-Venezuelan graduate student who is currently completing an internship at the department of Environmental Health at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. She writes about the NGO she founded, Lahaie Luna Lezama, which promotes menstrual health rights in Venezuela. Read her Student View here (o acá para Español). 







Vivian Fernandez graduated from Harvard College in 2018 as a government concentrator and with a DRCLAS Latin American Studies Certificate. She often travels to Bolivia and received a DRCLAS independent internship grant to travel there during Summer of 2015. In her Student View, she documents life from the perspective of the middle class in Bolivia. Read her article here, and view her photos in the accompanying media gallery








Carlos Zegarra Zamalloa, a native of Peru, is a MPH Global Health candidate at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. He writes about his granfather's experience with terrorism in Peru. Read his Student View in English o Español