Energy: Oil, Gas and Beyond (Fall 2015)

Petrobras Oil Platform. Photo By Ricardo Stuckert/PR (Agência Brasil [1]) [CC BY 3.0 br (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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Table of Contents

Latin America’s Oil and Gas by Francisco J. Monaldi

Brazil’s Oil Scandal by Simon Romero

Energy and Politics in Brazil by Lisa Viscidi

Mexico’s Energy Reform by Myrna Santiago

China in Latin America by Rebecca Ray

What Powers Latin America by Ramón Espinasa and Carlos G. Sucre

The Impact of Falling Gas Prices by Luisa Palacios

Peruvian Oil Production by Eleodoro Mayorga Alba

Wind Energy in Latin America by Carlos Rufín

The Power of the Brazilian Wind by Mauricio B. C. Salles

Solar Energy in Chile by Claudio A. Agostini Carlos Silva and Shahriyar Nasirov

Geothermal Energy in Central America by Jacques E. C. Hymans

Life in a Venezuelan Oil Camp by Miguel Tinker Salas

Behind the Corporate Veil by Kody Jackson

Añelo and Vaca Muerta by Mariana Barrera

Beyond Dinosaurs and Oil Spills by Theodore Macdonald

Forests for Energy? by Juan Luis Dammert B.

Oil and Indigenous Communities by Barbara Fraser

In the Shadows of the Extractive Industry by Nelly Luna Amancio

Transforming U.S.-Latin American Relations by Michael Shifter

Human Rights, Human Woes by Daniel Gonzalez

Musical Creation and Hardship by Pedro Reina-Pérez

Building Bridges with Cuban Libraries by Lynn M. Shirey


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