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Flavia Piovesan: Human Rights and Aging



Flavia Piovesan is a member of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Professor of Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and 2018 Lemann Visiting Scholar at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. In this interview, she discusses human rights for elderly populations in Latin America. Click here to read her article for our current issue on Aging in Latin America.

Mateo Jarquin: Pension Reform and Protest in Nicaragua



Mateo Jarquin is a Ph.D. candidate in Harvard’s Department of History. He is writing his thesis on the Sandinista Revolution. In this interview, he discusses how pension reform sparked protest in Nicaragua, which he uses as an insight into the politics of Nicaragua and surrounding regions. Click here to read his article for the Aging Issue. 

Steve Levitsky: Where the Venezuelan Crisis Stands April-May 2019

Harvard's David Rockefeller Professor of Latin American Studies and Government and author of "How Democracies Die", Steve Levitsky, discusses the current crisis in Venezuela. For more readings on Venezuela, check out our 2008 issue!

Levitsky introduces the current situation in Venezuela (0:00 - 2:57), and then discusses various other topics related to the crisis. 
Historical background (2:57 - 7:44)
The Opposition (7:44 - 14:21)
The Venezuelan Military (14:21 - 18:37)
External Pressures and the Future (18:37 - 20:46)