Fiestas: Beyond Folklore (Spring 2014)


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Table of Contents

The Paradox of Carnival by David Carrasco 

Whose Skin Is This, Anyway? by David M. Guss

Bodies and God by Zeca Ligiéro

Fiesta and Identity by Alexander Chaparro Silva

Divas Play and Queer Belonging in Brazil by Pablo Assumpção B. Costa

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro by Edson Farias 

Masked Enigmas by Lowell Fiet

São João in Campina Grande by Panayotis League

Carnaval in the Dominican Republic by Brian D. Farrell

La Conga: Santiago de Cuba’s Badge of Honor by Lani Milstein 

Pleasure is Power by Tomás Montoya González

Festival and Massacre by Camila Aschner-Restrepo

Colombian Devils, A Photoessay by Jorge Mario Múnera

The Fiestas de San Pacho, A Photoessay by Steve Cagan

The Fiesta Must Go On, A Photoessay by Nadja Drost 

Carnival Inc. by Paolo Vignolo

Carnavals and Global Mega Events by Elizabeth Kath

Fiesta Politics by Angela Marino

This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Vodou by Linda Khachadurian

Patsa Puqun by Patricia J. Hammer 

Death in L.A. by Felipe Agredano-Lozano

Fiestas Madriguayas by Karina Boggio

Bolivians in Argentina by Irene Depetris Chauvin

Proud to be Bolivian by Natalia Gavazzo and Consuelo Tapia Morales 

The Power of Paper A Review by Deborah T. Levenson

Legacies of Violence A Review by Joanne Rappaport

Rio’s Paradox of Plenty  A Review by Marcio Siwi

Citizen Voices and the Law A Review by Pedro Reina Pérez

Making Chávez Possible A Review by Michael Shifter

Invisible Violence A Review by Aviva Chomsky 

A Tale of Two Centuries by Merilee S. Grindle