Film (Fall 2009)

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Table of Contents

Film in Latin America By Haden Guest

New Technologies and New Narratives By Brad Epps

Golden-Epoch Cinema in Mexico By Alma Guillermoprieto

“Eréndira Ikikunari” By Juan Mora Catlett 

Mexico’s National Museum of Cinema By Claudia Arroyo Quiroz

Oscars for Mexican Filmmakers By Humberto Delgado

Brazilian Cinema Now By Nicolau Sevcenko

Neither the Sertão nor the Favela By Denilson Lopes

Coconut Milk in Coca-Cola Bottles By Clémence Jouët-Pastré

New Argentine Cinema By Gonzalo Aguilar

Memory, Identity and Film By Ana Amado

The Three Lives of Fernando Solanas By Jorge Ruffinelli

An Interview with Lita Stantic By Haden Guest

Che to Che By Carmen Oquendo-Villar

Chilean Film: A Brief Chronicle By Iván Pinto Veas

Una Entrevista con Santiago Álvarez By Luciano Castillo and Manuel M. Hadad

García Márquez and Cinema By María Lourdes Cortés

Cuban Film By Victor Fowler Calzada

Contesting Civilization’s Destiny By María Clemencia Ramírez

Time for a New Toolkit in Mexico By Kevin P. Gallagher

Democracy Revisited By Alfredo Corchado

Whose Idea of Cuba? By Kael Alford 

Black Orpheus By Kenneth R. Maxwell

Long Live My All-Time Favorite Latin American Film! By Greg Cohen

Porr Gentileza By Rex P. Nielson

Edificio Master: One View By Bruno Carvahlo

Edificio Master: Another View By Julie Duncan

Three of My Favorite Films By Javier Corrales

The Americas: Updated! By Philip Berryman