Guatemala: Legacies of Violence (Fall 2010 | Winter 2011)


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Table of Contents

Guatemala, Guatebuena, Guatemaya by Edelberto Torres-Rivas

Never Again: A Photoreflection by Jean-Marie Simon

Guatemala’s Police Archives by Kate Doyle

A History of Violence, Not a Culture of Violence by Michelle Bellino

Reading La Masacre de Panzós in Panzós by Victoria Sanford

A Journey Back to Guatemala by Emily Callier Sanders

Indigenous Rights and the Peace Process by Santiago Bastos

A Tale of Structural Racism by Irma Alicia Velásquez Nimatuj

Maya Weaving Heritage by Holly Nottebohm

An Ixchel Museum Educational Program by Fabiana Flores Maselli

Researching Mayan Languages in Guatemala by Adam Singerman

Postcards from a Drug-Trafficking Country by Julie López

Portraits of Daily Violence by Dina Fernández

The International Commission Against Impunity In Guatemala by Paul Goepfert

Cyclones of Violence: Nature and Beyond A Photoessay by Nancy McGirr and the Fotokids Team

Securing the City by Kedron Thomas and Kevin Lewis O’Neill

A Beauty That Hurts A Photoessay by Carlos Sebastián

In Petén, Interesting Times by Mary Jo McConahey

Two Paths to Development by David Daepp

Making of the Modern An Architectural Photoessay by Peter Giesemann

Central America Competitiveness Project by Emmanuel Seidner

Development Strategies and the Peace Accords by Leah Aylward

Immigration Guatemalan Immigrants: Increasing Visibility by Susanne Jonas

The Postville Immigration Raid by Greg Brosnan

A Mayan Financial Crash by David Stoll

Learning Through Libraries by Debra Gittler

Colombia’s Civil War A Review by Chris Kraul

Out of the Glass Closet? A Review by James R. Martel Multiple

Windows on Mexico A Review by Nancy Abraham Hall