Jane, Rogelio and Me

By Sara Luna Ortega Obregón

One thing I love about telenovelas is that the characters live in between the real world and a fantasy world where anything can happen at any time. Telenovela characters do some stupid and funny things. And since all of this is happening at the same time, there are tons of plot twists. One thing I like about the plot twists is that when I watch it with my mom, we both gasp and laugh at the same time, and it’s always fun and never gets old. Telenovelas have lots of drama and mystery.

I found Jane the Virgin when I was scrolling down Netflix on a Friday night. It was rated five stars so I started watching the first few episodes but then kind of just forgot about it. But not long afterwards, my mom discovered the series and asked me to watch it with her for our new Netflix binge-watching tradition. We immediately got addicted to the program because it was exciting and funny and we could relate to many of the characters because my mom is a writer. She enjoys watching it with me like Jane watches telenovelas with her mom, and like Jane I also have an abuela—a grandma—who is important in my life.

One thing I like about Jane the Virgin is that the series makes fun of telenovelas but at the same time, it is one. Since it's a telenovela all the decisions that the characters make on how they act and the choices they make affect everybody else as well.

One of my favorite characters is Rogelio de la Vega, Jane´s father, because he is so dramatic and masculine, but is also not scared to show his feminine side. I love how he exaggerates everything and even if he doesn't try to be funny, he always is. I also like Jane because she has gone through a lot but she just keeps trying and fighting for her dream of becoming a writer and a good mom.

I think that Jane the Virgin is a wonderful show because it can be watched with your family, but also because even though it is a telenovela satire, it presents serious topics about growing up, falling in love, and finding your own passion. I also like that it breaks stereotypes and has many strong female characters. I suggest you watch Jane the Virgin: you will thank me later!


Sara Luna Ortega Obregón is a 12-year-old student at the Cambridge Amigos school. She is the daughter of 2017-18 DRCLAS Santo Domingo Visiting Scholar Francisco Ortega and 2016-17 DRCLAS Santo Domingo Visiting Scholar Liliana Obregón.




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