Mining (Winter 2014)


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Table of Contents

Two Tales of Mining and Human Choice by Juan Camilo Cárdenas

The Mining Boom in Latin America by Francisco J. Monaldi

Heart of Coal by Lorenzo Morales

Travails of a Miner, VIP-style by Alejandra Matus

The Overlapping Geographies of Resource Extraction by Anthony Bebbington, Nicholas Cuba and John Rogan

Mining and Economic Development in Peru by Pablo de la Flor

The Journalist in an Open Pit Mine by Gonzalo Quijandría

Moving Mountains, The Chinese are Coming by Cynthia Sanborn and Victoria Chonn Ching

The Mining Boom in Colombia by Guillermo Rudas

Mining Challenges in Colombia’s El Choco by Steve Cagan

Indigenous People and Resistance to Mining Projects by Luis Vittor

Mining Companies and Local Communities by Rachel Davis

In the Name of Development by Erica Jaffe Redner

Power, Violence and Mining in Guatemala by Alexandra Pedersen

Resistance to Mining in El Salvador by Emily Achtenberg

Health Impact of Artisanal Gold Mining in Latin America by Nancy Long Sieber and Joseph Brain

Urban Mining by David Daepp

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times A Review by Kirsten Weld

Dying to Become a Gangster A Review by David Carey Jr.

Meditations on the Brazilian Amazon A Review by Larry Rohter

Building Blocks by Jason Dyett