Panamá: Crossroads of the Americas (Spring 2013)


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Table of Contents

The Isthmus and Its Challenges by Fernando Berguido

The Story That Panamá Decided to Write by Alberto Alemán Zubieta

Panamá and the United States by I. Roberto Eisenmann Jr.

A Hidden Dictator by Fernando Berguido

A Tale of Two Flags by Jorge Ritter

Who Remembers Panamá? by Don Bohning 

The Challenge of Inequality Photoessay by Lorne Matalon 

Panamanian Culture by María Mercedes de Corró

Muslims and Jews in Panamá by Ebrahim Asvat

The Distortion of History by Arysteides Turpana

Encounters with Guna Celebrations Photoessay by James Howe

The Chinese of Panamá Also Have a Story to Tell by Ramón A. Mon

Panama City: Contemporary Art by Adrienne Samos

The Museo del Canal Interoceánico de Panamá by Angeles Ramos Baquero

The Panamanian Novel by Berna Burrell

A Century of the Smithsonian Institution on the Isthmus of Panamá by Ira Rubinoff

Building the Biomuseo by Darién Montañez

Degreening Panamá by Lina Vega Abad and Raisa G. Banfield

Anarchic Jesters: Political Resistance Through Art A Review by Larry Rohter

Drugs, Immigration and Juan Gabriel A Review by Marcela Turati 

Mythical Beasts of the Colombian Violence A Review by Paolo Vignolo

Hasta Luego, Not Goodbye by Isabel “Izzy” Evans

The Last Word by Noel Maurer