The Sixties (Winter 2009)


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Table of Contents


Under the Bridge by Merilee Grindle

The Call of Service by Steven B. Bloomfield

In the Shadow of JFK by Ned Strong

The True Impact of the Peace Corps by Molly Coeling

The True Impact of the Peace Corps by David Edelstein

How Can They Love Us When They Hate Us? by Michael Arnow

Constructing Dreams by Leland Cott

Have You Ever Viu Na Vida? by James Ito-Adler

Small Loans Fund Big Dreams by Cara Forster

The Red Year  by Rafael Hernández

The Crisis of the Scissors by Julio César Guanche

The Institutionalization of the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s by José Maria Aguilera-Manzano

The Venceremos Brigade by Dick Cluster

The Legacy of Che Guevara by Manuel E. Yepe

Cuban's Memories of the 1960s by Elizabeth Dore

Degeneration of the Sixties by Santiago Morelas-Rivera

Sisters, Brothers, Young Lords by Martha Arguello

Remembering the Power of One by David Daepp

The Sixties in Argentina by Marysa Navarro

Art and Politics in Brazil by Claudia Calirman

New Takes on the "New" by Greg Cohen

From Selma to Salvador by Kavita Shah

Between Bombs and Bombshells by Victoria Langland

Revolution by Osmosis by Guista Schyfter

Making A Difference: Repatriating Photographs by Avi Chomsky

Making A Difference: The United Fruit Company Collection at the Harvard Business School by Laura Linard

Rediscovering Mesoamerica A Review by Lindsay Jones

Remaking the U.S. Mainstream A Review by Van C. Tran