Sports! (Spring 2012)

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Table of Contents

Sports Diplomacy by Davíd Carrasco 

Sentimental Soccer by Mariano Siskind

Great Players, Bad Business by Rory Miller

The Ball and the Blackboard by Bruno Carvalho

¡Gooooal! by Johanna Damgaard Liander 

Soccer Clubs by Aldo Panfichi 

Soccer and Literature by Michel Di Capua

The Cradle of Brazilian Soccer by Paulo Fontes

Women’s Soccer in Brazil by Carmen Rial

Religion, Politics and Plenty of Betting by Barbara W. Fash and William L. Fash

Caribbean Baseball by Rob Ruck

Searching for Burt Reynolds by Jack Spence

“Baseball in Our Blood” by Jack Spence

Speaking of Baseball by Félix Julio Alfonso López

Baseball Dreams by Stephen Kinzer

To Dance or to Box by Andrés Sanín

Indeed, It Is about History by Sergio Silva Castañeda

Santo and Lucha Libre by Gabriel Guzmán

Bullfights by Daniel Samper Pizano

Sports and Political Imagination in Colombia by Ingrid Bolívar

Women and Sports in Peru by David Wood

Sports and Recreation by Mario Roitter

Fútbol con Corazón by Samuel Azout

Sports Diplomacy by Bob Morris

Beyond Soccer by Ryan Guilmartin

Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup by Stanley Engerman

Preparing Rio by Claudio Beato

My Goalsetters by Preston So

Preparing for the Olympics by Jake Cummings

Jobs for the Boys A Review by Barbara Nunberg

Playing with Cuba, Really? A Review by John H. Coatsworth

Argentina: Press and Power A Review by Marysa Navarro

Asociación Civil Lapacho by Diana McKeage