Student Views - General Considerations

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goobaMarc Leroux-Parra is a member of the Harvard College class of 2022 and a proud resident of Cabot House. He is pursuing an A.B. in Art, Film, and Visual Studies – Film with a secondary in Government. He is a publications intern at ReVista. Read his student view here.



San Miguel_BioCarolina San Miguel holds a Doctor of Design (DDes, 2019) from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. She is a community researcher and innovation strategist whose work is targeted at designing human-friendly ecosystems to support children and families in neighborhoods across the Americas. Read her student view here.



hkjJared Abbott is Ph.D. Candidate in Government at Harvard. He studies the causes and effects of different forms of citizen participation, primarily in Latin America. Read his student view here.




Charlotte DavisCharlotte Hilbrich Davis is a 2019 graduate of Harvard College, where she studied History & Literature, focusing on Latinx Studies. Although Charlotte grew up in Kansas, she is eagerly awaiting her big move to Austin, Texas, where she will soon begin working as a criminal investigator supporting individuals on the state’s death row. Read her student view here.


hjkBruno de Medeiros is a 2018 Ph.D. graduate from Harvard University. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard and uses insects and plants to study why we have so many species on Earth. His current contact information is available at Read his student view here.





hjSofia Prado-Irwin is currently a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Organismal and Evolutionary Biology department and a resident tutor in Currier House. She is interested in the evolution, ecology, and natural history of reptiles and amphibians. When she's not in the field or in the office, she enjoys chasing insects through the woods, watching Jeopardy, listening to podcasts, and baking. Read her student view here.