Student Views - Venezuela

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jkCarla Troconis graduated with a BA in Government from Harvard in 2019 and wrote her senior thesis on the participatory patterns of the Venezuelan diaspora in South Florida. She is a proud Venezuelan immigrant who hopes to use her varied skills and background to bring awareness to the horror back home and tell stories of the Venezuelan diaspora in all its complexity. Currently, Carla is working as a writer and filmmaker and is releasing her first documentary, DIASPORA, in Fall of 2019. Read her student view here.

picMarianne Lahaie Luna is a Canadian-Venezuelan graduate student who is currently completing an internship at the department of Environmental Health at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. She writes about the NGO she founded, Lahaie Luna Lezama, which promotes menstrual health rights in Venezuela. Read her student view here. (Spanish version here)