Table of Contents by Author

First Take: The Rise of Afro-Latin America by Alejandro de la Fuente

Slavery and Precarious Freedom by Sidney Chalhoub

Afro-Boricua Agency by Agustín Laó-Montes

A View of Afro-Diasporic History from Colombia by Cristina García Navas 

Mining and the Defense of Afro-Colombian Territory by Stephen and Elizabeth Ferry

African and Afro-Indian Rebel Leaders in Latin America by Omar H. Ali 

The Routine of an Unconventional Path by Antonio J. Copete

"I Found My Island" by Miari Taina Stephens 

Transforming Havana's Gay Ambiente by Matthew Leslie Santana 

Sandoval Redux by Nicholas T. Rinehart

Reflections on the Afro-Chilean Social Movement by Cristian Alejandro Báez Lazcano

Afro-Latin America by the Numbers by George Reid Andrews

Prejudice and Pride by Lowell Gudmundson

Salvador de Bahia by Enrique Aureng Silva

Witches, Wives, Secretaries and Black Feminists by Tianna S. Paschel

The Bearers by Ned Sublette

Afro-Roots and Mozart Too by Yosvany Terry

Negra/Anger by Álvaro Restrepo

La Candela Viva by Rebecca Kennedy de Lorenzini 

Multi-Faith Lives of Brazilian Congadeiros and Umbandistas by Genevieve E. V. Dempsey 

In the Footsteps of La Rebambaramba by Belén Vega Pichaco 

Black Aesthetics and Afro-Latinx Hip Hop by Sujatha Fernandes

Compañeros en Salud by Mercedes Aguerrebere Gómez Urquiza

Social Policy in Cuba A Review by Chris Tilly

Fighting Corruption through Diplomacy A Review by Claudia Escobar

Consumption as Resistance in the Age of Late Capitalism A Review by Eduardo Ledesma

(Junk) Food for Thought A Review by Glenn Garvin