Table of Contents by Author

Our Telenovela, Ourselves by Omar Rincón

Telenovela Heroines by Nora Mazziotti

Women in Peruvian Melodrama by Giuliana Cassano

Homosexuality, Naturalization and Fluidity by Rosario Sánchez Vilela

Jane the Virgin by Juan Piñón

Narconovelas by O. Hugo Benavides

A Tale of Two Transnational Telenovelas by Sam Ford

You Teach a Class about Telenovelas? (gasp!) by Carolina Acosta-Alzuru

Hybrid Fiction in Latin America by James A. Dettleff

Blending Dry Facts with Emotion by Constanza Mujica

Brazilian Telenovelas and Social Merchandising by Tania Cantrell Rosas Moreno

María la del Barrio by Veronica Herrera

A Letter: Narciso Esparragosa and Other Tales from Guatemala by Sylvia Sellers-Garcia

Jane, Rogelio and Me by Sara Luna Ortega Obregón

Loving Escobar, Hating Narcos by Robert A. Karl

Sensual Women, Lush Wetlands and Cool Caimans by Alexandre Antonelli

Learning from Telenovelas by Gabriela Soto Laveaga

Mother and Son by Jorge I. Dominguez

Sharing Latin Loves in Lithuania by Ieva Jusionyte

The Paradox of (Inka) History A Review by Daniel Lord Smail

A Quixotic Quest A Review by Erin Goodman

Historical Voices, New Perspectives A Review by A. Ricardo López

Learning through History: A Path Toward Peace A Review by Michael J. LaRosa

Baseball and Fiction A Review by Dick Cluster

Looking Back on Ten Years of Collaboration and Respect by Michèle Lamont, Graziella Moraes Silva and Elisa Reis