Table of Contents

Attacking the Press by Gonzalo Marroquín

Latin American Nieman Fellows  by Bob Giles

New Journalists for a New World by Jaime Abello Banfi

Journalism Training by Rosental Alves

Covering the Region by Josh Friedman

What’s New in Latin American Journalism by Graciela Mochkofsky

Indirect Censorship by Ricardo Trotti

Freedom of Expression in Latin America by Catalina Botero Marino and Michael J. Camilleri

Silencing the Media by Carlos Lauría

Beyond Intimidation and Exile by Gustavo Gorriti

The Law as Censor by Mónica Almeida

Journalism in Paraguay by Benjamin Fernández Bogado

Why I Created a New Newspaper in Bolivia by Raúl Peñaranda U.

Citizen Media by Kara Andrade

La Silla Vacía by Juanita León

El Faro by Carlos Dada

Investigative Journalism by Mónica González

Midnight in Mexico by Alfredo Corchado Photos By Daniela Rea

Under Fire in Mexico by Javier Garza Ramos

Juarez in the Shadows by Judith Torrea

From the Ashes of Violence by Marcela Turati

Inheritors of History with Barbara Fash

Guatemala: An Urban Focus A Review by Kirsten Weld

Indigenous Lands: Loss and Dignity A Review by Theodore Macdonald