Table of Contents

First Take: Timescales of Climate Change by Daniel P. Schrag

The Brave New World of the Digital Herbarium by Charles C. Davis and Aaron M. Ellison

Fragments of Hope Nursery by Jenna Chaplin and Emily Blair

Fleeing the Weather by Elizabeth Donger

Preparing Students to Lead Social Change by Ramón Sánchez, Erika Eitland, Jie Yin and John Spengler

Beyond Climate Change by Veronica Herrera

The Melting of Humankind by Maria Alessandra Woolson

Writing at the End of the World by John Waldron

Words That Matter by Gisela Heffes

Who More Cli-Fi than Usby Patricia Valderrama

Understanding Global Climate Change from Andean Glaciers by Jai C. Beeman and Jean Carlos Ruíz Hernandez

The Parrots of the Caribbean by Lisa Paravisini-Gebert

Photoessay: the 2017 El Niño Costero by Ari Caramanica

Extreme Hydraulic Urbanism by Gustavo Diaz Paz

Climate Change and Food by Karl S. Zimmerer, Andrew D. Jones, Stef de Haan, Hilary Creed-Kanashiro, Miluska Carrasco, Krysty Mesa, Milka Tello, Franklin Plasencia Amaya, Gisela Cruz García and Ramzi Tubbeh

Photoessay: Climate Change and Resource Pressures by Nicoló Filippo Rosso

The Green Leap Forward by Pablo Allard

Why Local Governments Matter by Krister Andersson and Patricio Valdivieso

Design With Water by Manuel Perló Cohen and Loreta Castro Reguera Mancera

A Tale of Survival A Review by Marguerite Feitlowitz

Latin Roots and Universal Suffering A Review by Dalia Wassner

Last Look