Table of Contents by Author

Twenty-Four Years Later by Héctor Dada Hirezi

El Salvador’s Future by Carolina Avalos

Beyond Polarization in 21st-century El Salvador by Carmen Aída Lazo

Beyond the Political Pendulum by Luis Mario Rodríguez R.

The Salvadoran Right Since 2009 by Manuel Andrés Meléndez

Postwar Kids by Carlos Dada

Zika and Abortion by Jocelyn Viterna

Indigenous Rights in El Salvador by Leonel Antonio Chevez

Performing El Salvador by Claire Breukel and Mario Cader-Frech

Roque Dalton by James Iffland

Reimagining the Future by Federico J. Rivas

Transitional Justice in El Salvador by Mary Jo McConahay

The Convulsions of War by Jack Spence

A Search for Justice in El Salvador by M. Brinton Lykes and Nelson Portillo

Salvadoran Refugees in a Honduran Camp by Steve Cagan

A Nation at War with Itself by Michael S. Serrill

Photojournalists in a Cauldron of Violence by Bill Gentile

San Romero de América by Lorne Matalon

Remembering Romero by Gene Palumbo

The Boy in the Photo by June Carolyn Erlick

The Legacy of War by Sofía Jarrín-Thomas

A Personal View from the Diaspora by Caroline Lacey

Beating Stereotypes by Marta Castillo Ramos

The Migrant Architecture of El Salvador by Sarah Lynn Lopez

Santos y Sombras/Saints and Shadows by Muriel Hasbun

Entre el Amor y la Distancia by Kimberly M. Benavides

The Politics of Memory and The Memory of Politics A Review by Andreas Huyssen

Recycled Wars A Review by Alberto Salcedo Ramos

To Build or Not to Build? A Review by Alberto Vergara

Mapping Childhood Malnutrition in Chiapas, Mexico by Maggie Cochran