Table of Contents by Author

Shaping the Guarani Territory by Jorge Silvetti and Graciela Silvestri

Territories and Territories by Carlos Reboratti

Along Yvyrupa’s Paths by Maria Inês Ladeira

The Many Meanings of Yerba Mate by Julia Sarreal

A Bilingual Country by Benjamín Fernández

The Guarani and the Iguaçu National Park by Frederico Freitas

The Invention of the Guarani Aquifer System by Martin Walter

Beyond the Dam by Alfredo Máximo Garay

Building the Future by Oscar Thomas

Y marane’ ÿ rekávo by Bartomeu Melià, S.J.

Chamamé for Dummies by Eugenio Monjeau

Guarani in Film by Damián Cabrera

A View from the Museo del Barro by Lia Colombino

A Country of Music and Poetry by Lizza Bogado

Guaranis and Jesuits by Tamar Herzog

Transformed Worlds by Artur H. F. Barcelos

Jesuit Reflections on Their Overseas Missions by Ana Carolina Hosne

Imagining Guaranis and Jesuits by Guillermo Wilde

Total War in Indigenous Territories by Milda Rivarola

History and Myth by Nicolau Sevcenco

Transforming Cities through Architecture A Review by Sergio C. Muñoz

For the Love of Lucy A Review by Pedro Reina-Pérez

Empathic Cosmopolitanism A Review By Susan Antebi

The Road Towards Universal Coverage in Mexico by Rocío López Iñigo