Category: Facing the Challenges, Aging

Challenges of Aging in Brazil

The elderly men without pensions or savings were trying to eke out a living selling water and juice in the streets of São Paulo. This recent image on Brazilian television drew attention to the…

Long-term Care in Chile

Chile is experiencing a process of accelerated population aging. This sentence is heard again and again in courses, seminars and speeches. Despite this, it does not always seem clear why aging is…

LGBT Older Adults in Latin America

Movements for social change take place in response to structural conditions that call out for action. The presence and nature of leadership is one factor that determines whether movements…

Life through Medications: Dementia Care in Brazil

It is another morning at the geriatric outpatient clinic of the local university hospital. I accompany one of the residents who guides an old woman in a wheelchair and three of her seven adult…


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