Category: Body Image and the Business of Beauty

Globalizing Latin American Beauty

Beauty seems to matter a lot in Latin America. Whenever I arrive in the region I am struck by the disproportionate number of attractive and stylish women and men who seem to be just walking around. I am always even more taken aback by airport bookstalls crammed with…

Beauty Weighs in Argentina

Argentines believe that “success” comes from luck and not as much from hard work and efforts, according to a recent survey conducted by the University of Palermo. This may work…

Should I Eat the Chocolate Cake?

English + Español
When people learn that I research the representation of food and weight in Latin American women’s literature, they frequently ask me two questions. The first question is how I became interested in such an untraditional topic…

The Culture of Skinniness

Rosario is 21 years old and a perfect size 6. A fifth-semester student in international business in Medellín, Colombia, she’s often thought of herself as fat. It all started when she was a…


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