Category: Indigenous Languages: Mexico and Central America

Two Wixaritari Communities

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I first arrived in the wixárika (huichol) zone north of Jalisco, Mexico, in 1998. The communities didn’t have electricity then, and it was really hard to get there because the roads were simply…

Weaving Lessons

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Alonso’s mother is hovering over me. Occasionally she takes over, showing by example, counting out each thread, “p’ej” (one), then “cheb… oxeb…” I want to see the whole pattern laid out before…

Bilingualism in Multicultural Classrooms in Puebla, México

Schools in Puebla, Mexico face new and growing challenges. Since 2005, large migratory flows of indigenous people have been arriving in the city, according to the Mexican Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI). Many of the children go to public schools…

On Being Bilingual

In urban classrooms throughout Mexico, migrant and resident indigenous students with a heritage of several indigenous languages sit side-by-side with children who speak only Spanish. Multicultural classrooms can include children from different ethnic groups such as…


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