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Bilingualism in Perú

“What does Gloriosky mean?” Mateo asked me. Gloriosky? How do I explain a term typically used in older vaudeville Broadway shows and movies? How do I contextualize this for a Peruvian student with zero reference to this type of genre? These are the kinds of questions that…


Throughout the Americas, people assemble a variety of primary and secondary sources to preserve the experiences of Chinese descendants in Mexico. There’s also abundant information about those who live in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe…

Are you a real bilingual?

In Colombia, it is cool to be bilingual today. However, not all bilinguals are equal. If you are bilingual in English and Spanish, this is considered very positive. But, if you are bilingual in Spanish and an indigenous language, such as Nasa Yuwe, your bilingualism is…


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