Category: Politics and Identity

Politics and Corruption

Since the beginning of Chilean redemocratization in 1989, numerous allegations of corruption in local government, the judiciary, ministries, public services and public enterprises have impacted…

Naked in Santiago

On a freezing winter Sunday morning in July 2002, four thousand people euphorically took off their clothes in a downtown Santiago park. Spencer Tunick, the American photographer working…

In Memoriam

We, the members of the social science community, mourn the profound loss of Norbert Lechner, a renowned Chilean social scientist. Born in Germany in 1939, Lechner visited Chile as a young…

Chile Today

Two divergent views seek to define Chile today. One tends to be self-complacent, optimistic and officialist. The other is more marginal, skeptical and sour…

An Identity in the World

English + Español
On March 4, 2004, Chilean Army Lieutenant General Mario Messen received a gust of heat on arriving at Touissant L’Ouverture Airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Under his command the first 120…

Chile Has Changed

English + Español
A tourist or a foreigner on a business trip returning to Chile after a few years away receives a crystal clear impression upon arrival: Chile has changed. What he (or she) sees confirms press…


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