Category: Confronting Climate Change

The Brave New World of the Digital Herbarium

Here in the northeast of the United States, spring will soon be upon us, pulling us from the darkness and cold of winter’s grip. Spring’s exuberance—singing and nesting birds returning from

Preparing Students to Lead Social Change

English + Español
Far from Boston’s windowless lecture halls and projector screens, the small Yucatecan town of Santa Elena became a dirt-paved classroom rooted in culture and global change. As the

Fragments of Hope Nursery

The drive to protect the coastline in Belize doesn’t end at the water’s edge: the most important need for protection can be out of sight, under the crashing surf. Reefs play a critical role in the…

Fleeing the Weather

English + Español
The streets of Santiago K are quiet. This village in the highlands of southwestern Bolivia bustled throughout centuries of conquest and expansion, but the mayor is now one of the few remaining


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