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The Soulfulness of Black and Brown Folk

And so, by faithful chance, the negro folksong – the rhythmic cry of the slave – stands to-day not simply as the sole American music, but as the most beautiful expression of human experience …

The ‘Return’ of the State

The oath which immigrants are required to swear today on becoming naturalized citizens of the United States, reads, in rather archaic and high-sounding formal language: “I absolutely and …

Nueva York, Diaspora City

New York magazine has been renamed Nueva York, at least for a week. The Spanish word on the cover of the 6 September 1999 issue is an eye-catcher for readers of the popular weekly, and …

Latin@s in School

At the beginning of this new century, we have become a far more racially and ethnically mixed nation, but in our schools, the color lines of racial and ethnic separation are tightening….

Latin@ Education and Poverty

Maria E. Barajas, once a Mexican immigrant child placed in remedial classes because of her “language problems,” has focused her interest in bilingual policy through Harvard Graduate …

From “Cuentos” to “Ciencias”

I was recently given a choice by the editorial staff of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies to write a short essay for inclusion in DRCLAS NEWS. The choice was either to …

Costilla County, Colorado

An enduring legacy of the Southwest is its diversity of urban and rural landscapes. Albuquerque, San Antonio, and Tucson are symbolic of the evolution of rural spaces engulfed by growth …

Connecting with U.S. Hispanics

Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards. Sammy Sosa in another home run race. George W. Bush and Al Gore giving campaign speeches in Spanish. The Taco Bell Chihuahua. …

Becoming Latin@s

In California hospitals today, the name most often given to baby boys is José. No wonder there is talk of México’s reconquista of that vast area of the Southwest that it had lost to the United States in 1848….


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