Category: Central America and Mexico

Protecting Central American Families

All Maribel had wanted was to work in a beauty salon in her home country of Honduras, maybe one day doing well enough to open a salon of her own. Hair and nails, or maybe just…

Pain on the Border

Not a single seat is left in the humble dining hall decorated with murals of campesinos harvesting corn in the fields. Above rows of wooden tables ceiling fans spin frantically, failing…

Fighting Displacement

The lonely road leading to the community of Ciriboya, in the municipality of Iriona, Colón, is one of the poorly maintained routes of more than 45 neglected Garifuna communities…

Displacement on the Border

GUADALUPE, Chihuahua — A shadowy mix of actors preparing for the start of oil and gas production has spurred large-scale land displacement here, allege hundreds of current and…


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