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The Long Wait

English + Español
Mario Lorenzana, gravedigger at the “Jardín” cemetery in the municipality of Soyapango, in San Salvador, takes a brief break among the lush vegetation after performing a burial under Covid-19 protocols with her fellow gravediggers, during long and exhausting stints with…

The WhatsApp Experience

A relatively young commercial city of around 80,000 inhabitants in the Colombian vast oriental plainlands received about 18,000 internally displaced persons of the country’s longstanding

Beyond Indifference

English + Español
Mexico is intense; intense in living or in dying, in feeling or ignoring. I believe that all Latin America is that way, through a certain intangible but undoubtedly present brotherhood…

The Heart in the Vanguard

English + Español
These photographs were taken in the neighborhood where I was born, Altahabana in the city of Havana, Cuba. I went out to accompany medical students two days in a row, first, close to an hour going up and down five flights of stairs in two buildings with 30 different…

The Covid-19 Crisis and Populism in Brazil

English + Português
As a researcher in the history of the relationship between law and slavery, I’ve observed the impacts that biological events can have on the course of national policies. As historians like Sidney Chalhoub and Tana Hogarth have pointed out, yellow fever epidemics not only helped…

Gaming, Mexico and the Impact of Covid-19

English + Español
Covid-19, as we all know, has affected the world in surprising ways. It sent the gaming industry worldwide skyrocketing in 2020. It forced the hands of corporations to rethink their brick & mortar recruitment strategy, as the pandemic forced gamers worldwide to quarantine…

Order and Disorder in the Contemporary City

English + Español
As a rule, cities are my favorite place to reflect on identity and territory. But, what is identity in a situation in which architecture, history and even the garden are valued more than the landscape? I don’t have the answer, but I can only affirm that the more cities…


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