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The COVID-19 Virtual Revolution

English + Español
It is the morning of March 8, and I am standing in a sea of women. The sun reflects off multicolored garments. Flags wave among hundreds of raised fists. Metal and plastic glimmer off the silhouettes of instruments as if the sea is full of sparks. The energy is palpable; I feel it in…

#LadyZote’s Viral Plea

English + Español
“The government just sent us soap for dogs!” a Honduran woman complained in a viral video on social media. Within the week she was an internet sensation among Hondurans’ social media feeds. “Look! The bag won’t last 15 days, there is no detergent, no toilet paper!” the…

Four Walls, Two QuaranTeens and a Mom in Bogotá

English + Español
The end of 2019 was difficult. On November 21, thousands of Bogotanos joined citizens in Latin America and around the world for months of protest marches and cacerolazos. We, along with neighbors, students, friends, workers, colleagues and anyone who had a righteous…

Law Librarians Working The Legal Lens

English + Español
In mid-March 2020, when all of New York City was preparing to go into a lockdown and the cases of people infected and dying of COVID-19 were doubling every day, Marcelo decided to create a group of law librarians monitoring the legal response to the same crisis in Latin…

Pandemia Far from Home

English + Español
Coming to Harvard’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) as the Santo Domingo Visiting Scholar has been one of the best experiences of my life. I encountered an absolutely challenging and inspiring environment, where one is always learning and…


English + Español
The phone rang at 7 a.m. I wondered why on earth my husband was calling me so early from downstairs on a vacation day. It was February 26 and we were enjoying a week’s holiday in a neighboring country from our expatriate home in the Persian Gulf. I answered in…

Corona, Crisis and Creativity in Cuba

English + Español
Every night, when I look out of the window of my cozy home, everything seems so very quiet, almost silent. In Cuba, that’s very unusual. Indeed, one of the things I missed the most when I moved from Harvard to Havana was the tranquility. Normally, one hears shouts, music…

El Salvador’s Two Pandemics: Maximum Insecurity

English + Español
President Nayib Bukele’s much-applauded Territorial Control Plan (PCT), the Salvadoran government gang-control plan, marches forward under the cover of the novel coronavirus. While details still remain unclear, PCT is focused on bolstering security presence in ungovernable…

Waiting in the Time of Covid-19

English + Español
I am not a hypochondriac. Nor a fatalist. No matter what my sister says. Yes, I know already, she is a nurse. An excellent nurse whom I have seen in action: efficient, quick and friendly. But she’s wrong. Her opinion, I suspect, is more related to the numerous board games…

Chile and the Pandemic

English + Español
My experience as a Custer Visiting Scholar at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies was outstanding. It was a joy to attend interesting debates about the future, to have access to one of the best libraries in the world, to breathe once again the intellectual…

The Art of Creation in Confinement

English + Español
There are dishes that are vehicles. Risotto is vehicle for vegetables, saffron or whatever you have in the fridge, whereas causa can just be a vehicle for huancaina sauce. Causa takes on whatever you want to put in it. For example, I imagined causa with pulpo al olivo for the first…

Meat for the Tigers

Tens of thousands of Dominicans are spending their nights demanding carne, or meat, on reggaetón singer Miguel Ángel Valerio Lebrón’s controversial Instagram live stream. Lebrón…


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