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Afrodescendants and Covid-19

English + Español
As an Afro-descendant Chilean who is also an activist in my community, I am constantly struck by our exclusion from the conversation about the impact of Covid-19. We know for a fact that the pandemic affects the most vulnerable members of the society. Afro-descendants are…

A Look at Mexico City

English + Español
I live in a city of twenty million people. A city usually filled with cars and people that one day became empty. Sidewalks, parks, and other spaces are now abandoned, without any figures, not even passing shadows. This was once unimaginable. But the city I was born …

Living in The Covid Years

In August 2020, thousands paraded in classic cars and lowriders in East Los Angeles, as Chicanas and Chicanos celebrated the 50th anniversary of the National Chicano Moratorium to remember when 30,000 marched in peaceful protest to question the overrepresentation…

Pandemic and Crisis

English + Español
The Covid-19 pandemic is without a doubt a universal phenomenon, not only because of its geographic extension, but perhaps even more important, because of the way it permeates absolutely every aspect of our societies. It’s not enough to just understand the…

The Covid-19 Pandemic and a Deep Dive into My Emotional World

English + Español
The COVID-19 pandemic came in a year that I predicted would be emotive. Actually, the first two months were quite thrilling. In February I celebrated my wedding in a magical country house in the Colombian Coffee region, where we danced and celebrated with…

Reflecting on the Work of Rodrigo Abd

English + Español
Peru’s capital is a notoriously gray, solemn city. Limeños can go weeks without seeing the sun, catching just a pale glimpse of its radiance behind the clouds. As the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc here, Lima’s overcast disposition seems to match the…

Teaching University Students in Chile’s Pandemic

English + Español
As a law  professor, I’ve seen in the last few months how the capacity for innovation in the university system has not previously been appreciated.  I’ve also observed a positive impact in teaching that has forced us to evaluate practices and to have increasing concern…

My Time

English + Español
A few days before the mandatory quarantine was declared in Chile, I thought it was best to leave Santiago. We knew the situation was very serious, but we did not know how the pandemic would actually be experienced. I know how to live with an earthquake; as a historian, I…

The Pretension of Total Power in the Age of Covid-19

English + Español
Next year, presidential elections are scheduled to be held in Nicaragua, and a new National Assembly would assume office. The good faith of the regime of Daniel Ortega, if such a thing existed, should already be demonstrating, in a race against the clock in this time of Covid-19…

Guatemala: Slow-Motion Collapse

English + Español
Guatemala is in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire; a country the size of Tennessee, it is threatened by four tectonic plates and has almost 300 volcanos. Here, we have all grown up with tremors, and some of us remember the last “great” earthquake: that of 1976, which…


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