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Mourning in the Time of Covid

Dery Dyer, the former owner, publisher and editor of The Tico Times, a newspaper in Costa Rica, known as a champion of free and independent press, died of lung cancer in her home in a suburb of that nation’s capital of San José Friday Sept.25, said her husband…

Horror of Horrors

English + Español
The keychain he gave me was a bit odd with its two decorations: the dried tail of a rabbit or some other creature and a plastic heart that read, “I Love NY.” I took the keys, thanked him for his generosity (especially considering that he thought the imminent threat of the…

Postcards from Confinement

English + Español
A few months ago, when the state of California issued a mandatory lockdown, many of us began to wonder what would become of our jobs and our projects. As a member of the faculty at the University of San Diego, I was able, and fortunate, to transition to online teaching relatively smoothly…

Resilience in the Time of Covid-19 in Puerto Rico

English + Español
In the past ten years, we Puerto Ricans have experienced many situations that have made us recipients of stress, anxiety and hypervigilance. The theme of Covid-19 goes hand in hand with other social problems. It is because of this that people live in a state of…

Villahermosa in times of Covid-19

English + Español
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Harvard decided that for safety and health reasons, all students would have to take a 100% online curriculum at least for this semester. That meant that…

Pandemic Toll: Challenges for Journalists in Mexico and Beyond

English + Español
It felt ridiculous. For almost two weeks, only one case of the novel coronavirus had been officially reported in my hometown of Torreón, in northern México. It was the first half of March and the pandemic was rapidly advancing, making it unbelievable to me as a journalist that in…

Pandemic in the Brazilian Prison System

English + Português
I’m a prison guard. I witness firsthand the COVID-19 pandemic challenges in the Brazilian prison system. This experience sharpened my interest in studying the effect of Covid-19 in prisons, given the difficulty faced by scientists in accessing it in order to conduct research…

Pandemic Journalism

English + Español
For more than 30 years I have taught and practiced the art of telling true stories. “Get your shoes dirty, feel the wind and the rain and the sun.” In Latin America and beyond, that was always the way we teachers and editors taught our reporters and students to get out of their…

Living within the Collapsed Myth of Multiculturalism

English + Español
On July 28th, Peruvian independence day, I had just finished listening to the two-hour presidential speech discussing the government response to the country’s multiple crises. I headed out to meet Rosita, as she prefers to be called, at noon while she delivered a lasagna to…

The COVID-19 Response in Mexico

English + Español
For the past summer, I have been working remotely with the Global Health Institute at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City, Mexico, an opportunity that has let me peel back the…

Covid-19 and Prisons in Latin America

English + Español
In the process of doing fieldwork research, I’ve visited more than 30 prisons across the region and conducted surveys of more than 15,000 inmates. During the last 15 years, I have talked to hundreds of inmates who sleep on the floor of their prison cells. Some of them have not…

Letter from Mexico: Hopes and Shadows

English + Español
In the last few years, I’ve immensely enjoyed walking around any city at all, from Shanghai to Cochabamba, without any fixed route. I walk for several hours to stumble on spaces of daily life, places that with a bit of luck one finds two or three blocks from a thoroughfare…


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