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The Idea of Cuba

First reactions to photographs are important. Photographs, in their slippery relationship to the observable world, often speak to us with quick impact, even before we can articulate to ourselves what they are saying. For photographers, or those who look at a lot of photography…

Constructing Democratic Governance in Latin America

Democracies are messy—none so more than those across Latin America. A common refrain used by academics and journalists alike to describe those democracies is usually “weak,” or “fledgling.” And yet, in spite of endemic poverty, weak economies, rising security concerns…

Development and Growth in the Mexican Economy: A Historical Perspective

If all you have is a hammer, all you see is nails. Mexico, however, is plagued with loose screws. These screws have become way too loose over the past 25 years as economists and politicians have hammered away at the wrong problems. Such is the diagnosis of the Mexican economy…

Manifest Destinies and Indigenous Peoples

This book is a tribute to the work of David Maybury-Lewis, the late and distinguished Professor Emeritus at Harvard’s Department of Anthropology, where I had the honor to be his student and advisee. It is his last book and a continuation of his life’s work: the examination…


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