Category: The Harvard Factor, Mexico in Transition

Mexican Amphibians

Mexico truly is a biological hotspot. What is mostly unappreciated, however, even by many professional biologists, is that much of the biological diversity of Mexico remains undocumented…

Investigations of the Royal Palace of Teotihuacan

In February of 1999, Linda Manzanilla Naim , from Mexico’s National Autonomous University and Leonardo López Luján, INAH, invited William Fash, chair of Harvard University’s Anthropology…

Fundacion Mexico en Harvard

Edgar Kelly Garcia, a ’98 graduate of Harvard Business School, is busy wiring schools in his native state of Sinaloa, Mexico. After graduating from HBS, he founded an Internet company to…

Tec de Monterrey

Thirty years ago, when Rafael Garza’s father studied at Mexico’s Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, all courses were taken in a traditional classroom setting and…


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