Category: In Search of Identities

EsCultura Queer

It has been eight years since the death of Hugo Chávez. Given the public knowledge of the former Venezuelan president’s battle with cancer and the speculation stirred up by his absence in the political scene in the months prior to his death, the announcement of his…

The Self-Fashioning of Luz Jiménez

English + Español
In José Clemente Orozco’s famous mural Cortés y La Malinche (1926), her gaze is cast downwards. Her figure occupies half of the composition, yet it feels shrunk—her body pushed towards…

To Violeta

English + Español
n the 1990s when I was conducting research on the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, I used to travel with my grandmother Josefina to the small town of Montegrande where Gabriela spent…

Pandemic and Museums

English + Español
Museums navigate the challenges of satisfying the interests and curiosity of their patrons. Many crave to gawk at unusual, rare, strange, interesting or beautiful objects but…


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