Category: Indigenous Rights, Food Security and Biodiversity

Accompanying a Search for Self-Determination

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The small indigenous Mayagna community of Awas Tingni in the interior forest of Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast made legal history in the 1990s when they faced an incursion by an international lumber company. The community mapped its land claims and brought a case…

Botanical Studies in Nicaragua

The mountainous areas of northern Nicaragua finally felt safe enough to roam around after more than forty years of war. What we—two biologists—found was a treasure of unknown and rich plant diversity and beauty where the plants had not been seriously explored for decades…

A Tale of Two Food Sovereignties

I first learned of food sovereignty while I was completing my graduate work in Global Affairs at Rutgers University. I had developed an interest in agrarian and food movements, and particularly an agrarian movement of banana workers seeking justice after being exposed to…


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