Category: Preparing for Rio

Preparing Rio

What have we Brazilians been doing to break the on-going cycle of violence plaguing the country over the past three decades? Can we offer a safe environment to foreign visitors before…

Preparing for the Olympics

Favelas—“informal settlements” to the academic, “illegal slums” to the antipathetic—are spontaneous, grassroots communities found throughout Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, host to the…

My Goalsetters

As I stood in an unkempt Brazilian park, seemingly landscaped as an afterthought, trucks and buses careened left and right on the thoroughfare behind me. Their cacophony was…

Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup

Two major international sporting events attract wide audiences in many countries—three if we treat separately, as do the Olympic Committee (IOC) and television networks since 1994, the…


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