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Sports and Political Imagination in Colombia

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A special exhibit entitled “A Country Made of Soccer” at Colombia’s National Museum features press photos, radio narratives, uniforms and other objects associated with the sport. Inaugurated…

Santo and Lucha Libre

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First Fall: They will fight two of the three falls without a time limit! One of my earliest childhood memories is of sitting in front of a small black-and-white television…

To Dance or to Box

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It’s Sunday, the streets are dusty and the only arrivals to San Basilio de Palenque are some motorcycle-taxis and an old bus from the village of La María. Peddlers descend from the taxis…


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Spain’s history is not written in ink, but in bull’s blood. The shadow of the black beast with sharpened horns has spread over the Iberian peninsula for thousands of years and extended to…

Women and Sports in Peru

One of the many vivid memories of my first stay in Peru involved listening to a radio commentary of the national women’s volleyball team as they played against the Soviet Union in the final of…

Indeed, It Is about History

Mexico doesn’t have the history needed to win the World Cup. At least that’s what you would hear from various Mexican sports commentators during the last World Cup (South Africa, 2010)…


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