Category: Women and Sexuality

Telenovela Heroines

I first became interested in telenovelas as an academic subject when, more than thirty years ago, I heard my then two-year-old daughter sing a song for the first time. It was the opening…

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin, a current television series, makes a compelling case for the U.S. mainstream television and the presence that Latina/os have within that market. The show represents a…

Homosexuality, Naturalization and Fluidity

English + Español
Claudio loves Leonardo. He also loves his wife, Beatriz. It’s not your ordinary clandestine love triangle: Beatriz knows about the relationship and supports her husband in his bisexuality. The…

Women in Peruvian Melodrama

The meteoric rise of a soft-spoken agronomist of Japanese ancestry to the presidency of Peru, followed by his spectacular descent into dictatorship and corruption, coupled with the…


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