Category: History: Jesuits and Beyond

Transformed Worlds

In 1610, a small group of Jesuits began what would become known as one of the largest indigenous evangelism experiences in colonial America. The effort began…

Guaranis and Jesuits

The territory we currently identify as “Guarani” is presently divided between Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Although this partition of a community…

Total War in Indigenous Territories

English + Español
Fue esa la primera guerra total en suelo americano, tanto en el sentido técnico de E. Ludendorff –una completa subordinación de la política a la guerra, en el…

Imagining Guaranis and Jesuits

English + Español
Beginning in 1610, Jesuits founded a series of towns for indigenous peoples in the southern region of America. These towns, known as “missions” or…


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