Category: Thinking on Children

Reconfiguring Childhood

Children are a spur, a commitment, a way of imagining the future—but all too often these sorts of phrases just rattle around a vacuum, their utterance the beginning and end of the…

Children First in Peru?

In 2000, Save the Children Sweden (SCS) asked us to find children in the Peruvian public budget. At the end of a decade in which, according to the government, children would come first, this…

Children and Globalization

I’ve spent an hour talking to the children in this school in the south of Chile. I’ve carefully looked at their well-kept notebooks. I’ve heard them read from their books and asked them questions…

About Children

Our wonderful conversation over lunch the other day got Maya and me to thinking about how some of our best friends are children. Through these friendships we have entered a world we…


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