Category: The Galápagos

Modern Day Problems

On September 17, 1835, the HMS Beagle swung on her anchor and came to rest off Chatham Island in the Galápagos Islands. Charles Darwin later rowed ashore and, as he walked across the…

Conservation Finance

In early 2003, tourism in the Galápagos Islands was booming, one of the few bright spots in Ecuador’s sputtering economy. Yet small tour boat operators like Rocio Martínez de Malo and…

Are We Loving the Galápagos to Death?

Whenever I tell people that I was born in the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador, they always say, “I didn’t know there were any people on the Galápagos. I thought only strange animals lived there…

Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Charles Darwin wrote these words one hundred and fifty years ago. On the Origin of Species exploded upon the scientific and academic world in 1859, and its unorthodox…


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