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Teaching Evolution

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During the 19th century, philosophers, doctors, botanists, and zoologists in Mexico engaged in lively debate over Darwin’s ideas about evolution of the species. The Catholic Church hierarchy …

Darwin and Digital Code

During World War II, Bell Telephone Laboratories worked on the problem of secure voice communications for the United States Army. In 1943, they launched the SIGSALY system…

Darwin, Lizards, and Evolution

Much has been said about the life of Charles Darwin on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth and 150th anniversary of publication of his magnum opus, On the Origin of Species by…

The Voyages of Charles Darwin

We often forget that the most creative years of Charles Darwin’s life were passed in South America. For three years in the early 1830s, Darwin traveled extensively in Uruguay, Argentina…

The Legacy of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin made six major expeditions in South America, and in doing so, changed the way human beings think about their world. In this section…


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