Category: Sustainable Tourism

Restoring a Ravaged Venezuelan Coastline

Dramatic floods ravaged the Caracas seaside known as the Littoral in December 1999, ripping up houses and literally re-shaping the coastline and beaches. Less than a year later, I joined several …

From Trek Leader to the Research Track

I earned a living for many years making the world a smaller place. I led treks into the remote and mountainous terrain of Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet, escorting small armies of intruders from North America …

Ecotourism in Chile

From the point of view of a scientist, the worldwide surge in ecotourism is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, who can deny that interest and exposure to nature ecosystems provides an …

Community Ecotourism in the Global Economy

(Napo Province, Ecuador) The RICANCIE community eco-tourism project in the lowland Quichua Indian community at Runa Huasi embraces two rivers. Winding northward through Amazonian indigenous lands …

Certifying Sustainable Tourism

Environmental practices strongly influence the way tourists choose their vacation spots. Increasingly they expect to see methods in place to protect and conserve nature in the areas they visit….

Agricultural Tourism

Colombia’s coffee zone with its rolling green mountains has long been associated with steaming hot cups of coffee and ruana-clad peasant farmers in the classic style of Juan Valdez. …


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