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The Collapsing of Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro

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I was born and raised in Mexico City (formerly known as the Distrito Federal, until someone had the really good idea of calling it by its most commonly used name) and as a Mexico City native, or chilango, I have always been fascinated by the metro.

Getting from Here to There

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Passengers scramble for buses in Bogotá and climb aboard the speedy but crowded public transport system that traverses this sprawling city of seven million people, the capital of Colombia. Cyclists whiz by in designated lanes and taxis move from here to there in what seem…


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I can’t get the image out of my mind. A teenager dressed in her school uniform perched on a Metro turnstile and looked out at the crowd, projecting the proud attitude that she could…

Alternative Infrastructures: Bikes and Beyond

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In the past year, I experienced two different ways in which our anthropocentric world could come to an end. One was the pandemic of Covid-19, when I was living in Lima and the ways people got…

The Moving Landscapes of Cuba

A different version of this appeared two years ago in ReVista. Logically, many things have happened on the Island in these years, many more in recent months—which, by the time of publication, will probably make this article both…


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