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Alternative Infrastructures: Bikes and Beyond

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In the past year, I experienced two different ways in which our anthropocentric world could come to an end. One was the pandemic of Covid-19, when I was living in Lima and the ways people got…

The Moving Landscapes of Cuba

A different version of this appeared two years ago in ReVista. Logically, many things have happened on the Island in these years, many more in recent months—which, by the time of publication, will probably make this article both…

Transportation for whom?

It’s dark when Carmen wakes to the sound of her alarm clock. Preparing for the day, she packs her bag for work, makes breakfast for her children and fills their backpacks. After helping them…

Gendered Cycling and Covid-19

English + Español
“Are you okay? Are you going to make it?” Fernanda Garcia shouted to me as we cycled up the hillside of Pichincha toward her gated community on the periphery of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. I replied back, “Let’s just keep going.” A few moments later, when I was struggling…


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