Category: Affirmative Action

From War to Progress

María del Carmen Cumatz is an elementary school teacher from a small town in the Guatemalan highlands in Sololá. In 2006 she became the first member of her family to obtain a university degree when she graduated with a teaching certificate from the Universidad del…

Breaking a Vicious Cycle of Social Exclusion

The Brazilian Congress approved a bill in August imposing a quota of 50 percent of all available slots in federal universities for students coming from public schools, with the ethnic component within this quota matching that of the state in which the university is located…

Affirmative Action in Brazil

Affirmative action policies can take a person’s race into account, the Brazilian Supreme Court unanimously ruled on April 26, 2012. The Court found the use of racial quotas constitutional, allowing both public and private higher educational institutions to reserve a certain percentage of slots for undergraduate students, most of them, coming from public secondary schools…


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