Category: Students and Social Change

Venezuela’s Student Movement

Students in Venezuela have an 84 percent confidence rating in polls among the public, higher even than the Church or banks, according to Our struggle for democracy sometimes feels like the struggle of David against Goliath. However, we insist on…

Chile’s Student Protests

Less than a decade ago, academics and journalists almost always referred to Chile as a “model” country, praising its economy, political transition and democracy. Always a simplistic characterization, it nonetheless stuck for many years, until the unexpected 2011 explosion…

Student Activism

“Democracy, here? That is a joke!” remarked Veronica, one of the thousands of “rechazados” who failed to be admitted to Latin America’s largest public university (UNAM) and leading representative of the “Yo Soy 132 Movement.” For this 19–year old student, who preferred…


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