Category: Race, Immigration and Social Mobility

Slavery Upstairs, Slavery Downstairs

On February 14, 1800, someone slipped an anonymous letter to the solicitor general of Lima’s high court via one of his domestic servants. When he opened it, the solicitor (fiscal)…

Let’s Talk about Resilience

English + Español
When I joined the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) family in October 2019, I never imagined that a few months later I would experience both the pain and…

Qualified but Rejected

English + Español
As of 2021, more than six million Venezuelans had left a crisis-ridden country in search of a decent life that is not plagued by food insecurity and the lack of other basic needs. Close to five million of them…

Waiting for Rain

Just before the beginning of the pandemic, I traveled to Sevilla, Colombia, to meet with Yudith Leguí, a participant in my sociological research, whom I first interviewed in 2016 in El…

Caregiving, Domestic Work and Migration

English + Español
We often think of caregiving as an highly individual issue, but actually care is “what’s done to conserve and repair our world to live in the best possible form,” to paraphrase political scientist…


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